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If the consortium units in the other school are not completed, the aid may be reduced or the student may be maintained in order not to satisfy the CSU, the requirement of satisfactory academic progress of Chico. Some of the colleges do not follow either pattern. California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and California State Polytechnic University, Pomona uses the word “polytechnic” in its two full names (but in different channels) according to california Education Code Section 89000. [95] and section 89005.5[96] The CSU editorial guide refers to the same formal names, while referring to the abbreviated forms “Cal San Luis Obispo” and “Poly Cal Pomona” but not in the name of “Cal Poly” itself. [97] Cal Poly San Luis Obispo unilaterally claims the name “Cal Poly” in its own marketing brand managers,[98] and since the 1980s, the CSU Chancellery has sued many small and medium-sized companies on behalf of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for not having a licensing contract for the sale of products under the terms “Cal Poly”. [99] [100] Students enrolled in less than 12 units at the CSU, the chico who receive the Pell Scholarship, may benefit from additional Pell scholarships for courses taught at another eligible California school if the programs of study meet the requirements of the CSU, Chico (heimatcampus). To be funded for courses at an eligible school, CSU, Chico students must submit a consortium contract form to our office no later than the third week of the semester. In addition to the Pell grant, no other assistance will be adapted on the basis of consortium units that have been included in another institution. CSU, Chico currently has a consortium agreement with the following eligible California colleges: In 2004, the university was renamed the State of Sacramento, short for Sac State.

Although students have for years called the school “Sac State.” The official name is California State University, Sacramento. The terms CSUS, Cal State Sacramento, Sacramento State University, CSU Sacramento and CS Sacramento are inappropriate according to the style identity guide,[36] although the university`s web address is The university has also adopted a new logo and seal that replaces the previous design based on the California seal. In addition, the exact shades of Sacramento State`s green and gold colors were formalized in the 2005 Style Guide. In addition to the possibility of participating in the CSU`s international programmes, it is also possible to study abroad at the 53 universities in 22 countries with which the SF State has signed special agreements. These agreements require an equal exchange between students who go both ways, students who wish to study at San Francisco State University abroad and students from the state of San Francisco who wish to study abroad at the host university where the other student is enrolled. Some of these programs are also university-specific or departmentally specific. In 2014, the CSU withdrew recognition of certain religious organizations that had political conflicts with a state-imposed policy of non-discrimination.

[108] The new directive stipulated that religious clubs should allow each student to participate as a student leader, regardless of their beliefs. [109] In the fall of 2015, LA CRU and Intervarsity agreed with the Chancellor, who allowed them to return to campus while maintaining their religious beliefs. [110] Sacramento State is organized into seven college colleges and a continuing education college. The university is also a member of the consortium that manages Moss Landing Marine Laboratories and offers marine science programs. In keeping with its proximity to an emerging electronics industry, the university is developing advanced applications of technology to learn over a vast territory of Northern California through computerized teaching and television broadcasts. [18] If the principal confirmation is not received, a student must submit one of the following documents to the Glendale Community College Office of Financial Assistance to determine eligibility: in 1982, the CSU system removed the word “colleges” from its name.


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