Lease Agreement For School Registration

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Change of address (click here for form)If a change of address occurs within the district, parents must indicate the change of address directly to the central registrar. Parents/guardians must present the current lease or notarized lease with 1 electricity bill and one of the above-mentioned proofs of residence, as well as an ongoing driver`s license. Contact (215-862-5372 ext. 5295) if the form is complete and proof of residence is acquired. If you are ANOTHER INDIVIDUAL RESIDENT AND The mortgage/rental is not on your behalf, they need all the following: The applicant who must sign this form should be an authorized representative of the school that gave this certificate. He or she should look for the empty space after the “sincere” closure and then sign. The name of the Signature Party should be in the empty room in the “Witness Confirmation” section just after the phrase “… Above claims of “Then each witness must tend to one of the two areas below the statement in this section. For each domain, the “witness signature,” his printed name and the date of the calendar to which he signed this document are required. The notary responsible for overseeing this signature closes the “Notaran recognition” section. The certification process will need this part to provide the location of the signature, the date it took place, the names of all those present and the state of the government. In addition, he or she will stamp this document and sign and print his or her name. The assignment of students to the school depends on the student`s place of residence.

Families must present proof of students` stay each year when registering and/or registering. Among the documents acceptable for determining residence are: 1. Insurance Statement 2. Current electricity bill (in addition to the electricity bills listed above) 3. Vehicle registration 4. Tax return 5. Voter registration card 6. Required credit statement: Current tenancy agreement or notarized rental contract (tenant form), current driver`s license, gas or electricity bill with 1 proof of residence, as shown below. If you are RENTER and you cannot apply for a rental agreement, you need ALL the following: The school certificate of residence requires the student to receive confirmation from a parent, employer or landlord that he or she has lived in a place for a period of time.

This is often necessary for two (2) reasons: (1) to allow a minor to attend a primary, secondary or secondary school in a given district, or (2) to apply for attending a university or university for teaching in good condition. Sworn insurance should be filled out by a third party (3rd) and a piece of documentation should be attached to the letter, such as a receipt, invoice or other documentation attesting to the person`s stay at that address. Student Registration Forms – Student Immunization Requirements (click here to see vaccine) required at the time of registration may require additional documentation to establish and validate a residence when a school exceeds the capacity of the site or in other circumstances identified by Public Schools or School Administration. Under these conditions, Albuquerque Public Schools may request more than one of the following documents to validate the student`s residence: Multiple Occupancy (click here for form and instruction) The multiple occupancy form is required if the parent/supervisor does not own or rent a property in the New Hope-Solebury District School, but resides with a full-time New Hope Solebury resident. The owner of the land must present the notarized deed or lease along with 3 other proofs of residence, a notarized letter from the owner stating the names of the parent/guardian who lives the place with the children who will visit the New Hope-Solebury School District. This letter must also contain the time within which the persons mentioned reside at the address.


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