Student Projects Using the Design TeamMate

Aesthetic Interactions

A video made by Industrial Design students Marco van Beers, Rik van Donselaar and Kim van Iersel in order to explore how light and form interact with each other. The first part of the movie shows how shape transforms when light interacts with it, the second part shows how light can give function to form. This video is an interesting example to show that Light is a powerful medium to communicate and guide people’s attention.


Drawing in Mixed Reality

A video made by Industrial Design student Marcel van Heist as part of a design project.  The video shows how projecting a digital layer on top of hand-drawn sketches can assist the sketching process. Specific about the design is the fact that the projected information can be manipulated with a tangible interaction tool.


A Tangible Interface to the CoolIris Media Browser

A video made by Industrial Design students Bastiaan Ekeler and Mark Thielen as part of the module on Complex Sensors. A rolling ball is used to manipulate the CoolIris website. The position and orientation of the ball are obtained from the optical 3D tracker in the Design TeamMate and analyzed using MAX/MSP to distinguish moving the ball from rolling it; the output of the analysis is used to generate keyboard and mouse events for the CoolIris media browser.