Head of Lab


JBProf.Dr.Ir. Jean-Bernard Martens
The current research of Jean-Bernard Martens concerns the technical development and subjective testing of new (conceptual) design support tools, especially those  in which working with images (sketches, photos, etc) is an important component. Another important interest of his is how to combine qualitative and quantitative methods for measuring user experiences, also longitudinally.  Read more


Former Lab Members


ZODr. Željko Obrenović
Research interests of Željko Obrenović concerns design of interactive systems, end-user development and rapid prototyping, software engineering, service-oriented computing, multimodal interaction, universal accessibility, semantic web, biomedical engineering. Read more



Berke Atasoy (PhD Candidate)
The research of Berke Atasoy is about supporting user experience design teams by incorporating methods, tools and techniques from the craft of storytelling into the conceptual design phase of UX design.   Read More


CHClare J. Hooper
Clare’s research interests include (but are not limited to) hypertext, web science and how we design software. In her doctorate, Clare developed and evaluated a method for understanding and redesigning user experiences.




Derya Ozcelik (PhD Candidate)
The current research of Derya Ozcelik concerns tools and methods utilized in order to support designer-user dialogue ( both for elaboration and evaluation) within user-centered design processes.



Javier Quevedo Fernandez (PhD Candidate)
Javier is a  junior computer scientists  with research interests on Human-Computer-Interaction and Multimedia. His current research is about design tools to support collaborative collocated design activities combining shareable interfaces such as Tabletops or Wide wall Displays  and Web Services. Read More